D E S I R E Short Film
By Adriaan Louw in collaboration with Desire Marea & Lukhanyo Mdingi

Lukhanyo Mdingi and South African Filmmaker Adriaan Louw collaborate on a soulful interlude, witnessing the essence of Artist & Wayshower Desire Marea.

We’re invited into Desire’s movement through their space_ from the street side to piano_ coaxed gently throughout by their voice as they tell the story of realising their musical gift. Desire is understood in this film as more than a muse; but as a being of magnitude in the expression of their deeply divine essence. A rarity to witness someone who conveys the fullness of their body, mind and soul_ in all that they do.

The film becomes a multi-dimensional visual landscape, expanding on themes of Truth & Self. Desire commands their physical body as a space within which the full, multiplicity and range of their spirit can exist. This in essence, becomes a pursuit of physical and spiritual incarnation, to experience a sensory reality such as the earth beneath ones feet. We see this expressed in Desire’s movements in latter frames_ as they reveal an unbridled evocation of dance among languid grass, grazing against their body in unison with the sound of their spoken words and truth.

Within this piece, you will find an abiding sentiment to the human spirit & the gospel of truth.

I’ve always believed that us humans are more alike than different. This film represents a layer of intimacy within Desire that very few have experienced. I hope that those that pay attention to their truth will find a sense of relatability within themselves. The visceral sensibility within this film and its potent sense of vulnerability is inspiring. To be held by the presence of Desire through this body of work has been an extraordinary gift and honour. _Lukhanyo Mdingi.

Shot in Johannesburg, February 2021.

The film can be watched on Nataal, graced by beautiful words by Binwe Adebayo.

Shot & Directed by Adriaan Louw
Music by Desire Marea
All Clothing by Lukhanyo Mdingi COUTTS Collection

Producer_ Julie Vergez
Production Manager_ Sazi Mbalekwa
Production Designer_ Sandile Mhlongo
Production Assistant & BTS Photography_ Thapelo Molefe
Security_ Hlungu Security Services

Edit_ Adriaan Louw
Sound Design_ Gerdus Oosthuizen
Colourist_ Nic Apostoli (Strangelove Post)
Titles_ Justin Poulter
Artwork_ Art Belikov
Lab_ Kodak Film Lab London
Words_ Holly Bell Beaton

Co-Production_ julie machin ltd x modest department

Special Thanks_
Thuthuka Sibisi
Allison Swank Owen
K at Curiocity
Sima Kade
Sunday Studio
Thomas Revington

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