SOMALINIMO Documentary
By Awa Farah & Alice Aedy

Four British-Somali women navigate one of Britain’s most elite institutions_ Cambridge University. Their identity is rooted in Somalinimo (‘the essence of being Somali’) and in this love letter to Somali culture, blackness and Islam, they reflect on both belonging and marginalisation. The women discuss conflicts with their parents, the sense of solidarity they have built at Cambridge, and the legacy they are creating for the next generation of British-Somalis. They give new meaning to an old Somali proverb ‘Clothing that is not yours cannot shelter you from the cold’.

A Girls In Film Production, supported by the BFI Doc Society Fun and released by The Guardian – featuring Awa Farah, Hafsa Said, Miske Ali, Samiya Dubed.

Director_ Alice Aedy
Writer_ Awa Farah

Cinematography_ Molly Manning-Walker
Production Design_ Alexandra Toomey
Composer_ Lafawndah
Editor_ Jamie Kataky
Colourist_ Joseph Bicknell

Executive Producers_ Lisa Marie Russo, Nikola Vasakova
Producers_ Julie Vergez, Awa Farah, Chloe Abrahams
Production Coordinator_ Ayesha Marr
Production Assistant_ Jack Harries

Steadicam_ Beau PJ
Focus Pullers_ Benjy Kirkman, Cristina Cretu, Nacho Guzman
Clapper Loader_ Esther Edusi
Sound Recordist_ Rute Gomes
Gaffers_ Owain Morgan, Will Pope
Electricians_ Max Conran, Sam Donvito

Make-Up Artist_ Kayla Selway
Assistant Art Director_ Eliora Darmon, Katerina Michail
Carpenter_ Liam Motyer

Assembly Editor_ Chloe Hardwick
Sound Mix & SFX_ Ben Hauke
Post-Producer for Company 3_ Amanda Pilnik

BFI Doc Society_
Doc Society Director_ Sandra Whipham
Business Affairs Executive_ Christine Howard
Production Manager_ Hannah Bush Bailey

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