The Art of Change Shorts : Kindred
Directed by Samona Olanipekun

Kindred was part of the shorts series of 2018 Barbican’s “The Art Of Change” season. Samona Olanipekun explores the concept of home, identity and belonging, taking his starting point from the theme of 'Globalisation'.

The film won ‘Best Experimental Film’ at the 2019 Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

Director_ Samona Olanipekun
Producer_ Julie Vergez
Casting Director_ Tytiah Blake
Soundtrack_ Awo Faleke & Band
DOP_ Tom Elliott
Costume_ Sophia Messina, Claire Yurika Davis & Amie Wolfe
Make-Up Artist_ Grace Ellington

Pole Dancer_ Kelechi Okafor
Gold Girl_ Aaliyah Aileru
Kids_ Ishe & Odin Samuels
Priest_ Moses Mushweka
Bata Drummers_ Awo Faleke & Band
City Boy_ Will Stowe
Model_ Jordan Charles
Yoruba ceremony_ Amie, Elaine, Ollie, Tola, Aaliyah
Border Officer_ Anna Sari
Riot Police_ Raul Fernandes
Woman_ Mrs Sari

Editor_ Grace McIntee
Colourist_ Jax Harney @ CHEAT

Focus Puller_ Matt Farrant, Gary Long
Loader_ Anastasia Romanchuka, Milo Brown, Richard Parsons
Camera Trainee_ Klára Rychtarčiková
Sound Recordist_ Luke David Harris

Production Assistant_ Kirsty Brady
Runners_ Amy Foote, Caleb Kumiko

Words by Samona Olanipekun –

The film charters a timeless journey that has been undertaken by thousands of people throughout time. A journey that is undertaken today. And a journey that I have taken personally through my ancestors.

The current migrant crisis has seen the largest movement of people since the end of the second world war. The wave is made up of asylum seekers and economic migrants. The majority are from the middle east but a steady number come from sub-saharan African every year. A demographic that I used to overlook, but a demographic that I share. My parents came to the UK to study in the 80’s and have since gained British citizenship and raised a family. The reason’s for making the journey were fairly obvious, but the final intended destination seems less obvious.

My journey, along with many other’s journey as a black person has been personal and ancestral. Constantly torn between the first hand experience of everyday life and living up to the expectation and our rich history.

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