Trippin's Home of Classics Series
Shot by Houmi Sakata (Tokyo) and Ysa Pérez (NYC) teamed up with adidas Originals and its community  to explore the classic spots that are shaping the cultural landscape of NYC and Tokyo.

Part 1_ Chef and Tokyoite Keem De Peralta took us through a block of residential flats into Osa’s Tattoo Studio to find out where Tokyo’s youth are resisting the traditional connotations of crime and expressing themselves through the art of tattoos.

Part 2_  Model and activist Richie Shazam shows us round his favourite Desi destination, telling us how this spot acts as the intersection of multiple strands of diasporic identity. “For me” he says “to be able to connect with your diasporic roots in one institution is really incredible. All of my different vantage points of identity can meet in one place”.

Pa⁣rt 3_  We linked up with singer, illustrator and DJ Yuki Matsuda for a trip to Orbit Bar, experiencing a more low-octane way to club within a nightlife scene known for its frenzied energy.

Part 4_ “My NYC is a place where diversity, art and culture thrives. You can be who you wanna be and you’ll be alright”⁣. Together with Quiana Parks and Eli Escobar we explore reinvigorating downtown NYC Nightlife.

Part 5_ We dived up  into two of Tokyo’s most treasured eateries with Yesbowy and Keem De Peralta.

Part 6_ For the last in the series we hung out with seminal local and label head DJ MikeQ to explore NYC’s Queer Spaces. “Christopher St Pier is one of the only places in New York that still has attachment to LGBT life… It really was freeing for my identity”⁣.

Photographer (NYC)_ Ysa Pérez
Photographer (Tokyo)_ Houmi Sakata
Creative Director_ Sam Blenkinsopp
Producer_ Julie Vergez
Retouching_ Lisa Langdon-Banks

Production Services_ Area 1202
Photo Assistant_ Chris Cook
Make-Up Artist_ Yuui Vision

Production Services_ David Dicembre
Photo Assistant_ Miho
Make-Up Artist_ Mika Furukawa

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