adidas CREATORS UNITE Research
Directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Leading to the launch of its 2018 CREATORS UNITE campaign in June, adidas commissioned a documentary highlighting the relationship of the youth and sports to introduce their market and new campaign during their 2018 global brand conference.
Shot in London, NYC & Tokyo.

Director_ Dorothy Allen-Pickard
Producer_ Julie Vergez
DOP_ Jack Wells
Editor_ Charlie Rotberg @ STITCH

1st AC (London)_ Leon Frind
Sound Recordist (London)_ Ollie Drummond
Runner (London)_ Tashena Alam

Producer (Tokyo)_ David Dicembre
Assistant Producer (Tokyo)_ Maya Davis
Sound Recordist (Tokyo)_ Mitsuhiro Kojima

Producer (NYC)_ Amandla Baraka
Assistant Producer (NYC)_ Zoe Munlyn
Runners (NYC)_ David Boland
1st AC (NYC)_ Justin Chen
Sound Recordist (NYC)_ Nathan Bonetto

Produced for Knucklehead

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